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vta2-kernel #58 for Nexus S

English Below.
  • touchwake 現在起可以在手機發出生響或震動後使用(例如當你收到通知時)
  • 加入了電源鍵使用次數計算器
  • 加強穩定性
  • 與 AOSP 同步原始碼

感謝所有這個核心的貢獻者! 你可以在這裡找到這個版本的原始碼
下載 vta2-kernel #58 MD5 校驗碼: 53ce1434bdc3a4699510583c35910931
  • Now you can use touchwake to wake your phone up after vibrating or sound playback (e.g. when you've got a notification)
  • Add a little counter for counting powerkey presses.
  • Stability improvement
  • Sync code with AOSP
Thanks to all contributors of this kernel! And you can found source of this release here.
Download vta2-kernel #58 MD5 CKECKSUM: 53ce1434bdc3a4699510583c35910931
※ Use at your own risk.

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